Superior Companies can trace its start to 1999. Superior Property Systems provides fire and water services. It was the first of the group of firms that comprise today’s Superior Companies. Superior Property teams were in New Orleans in 2005 to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. In the following years, Superior Property Systems experienced fire and water services teams have been dispatched throughout the nation providing dependable services for our clients.

Superior Labor Solutions was formed in 2006. Superior Labor Solutions is an LIUNA [Laborers International Union of North America] signatory that meets the Union site-labor and Union Post Construction Cleaning needs of our customers in Chicagoland and beyond with our time-tested site labor and post construction cleaning teams.

Superior Window Services [formerly Acme Window Cleaning Services] joined the Superior Companies team in 2013 providing high-rise window cleaning services to Chicagoland backed by over 50 years of window cleaning expertise.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide dependable services and easy seamless transactions that represent greater value to our customers; in short, a Superior Experience.

To accomplish this mission, we will adhere to prudent and sound financial decisions and maintain strong business ethics and integrity in our relationships with employees, vendors and customers. We think that one key to our success is our ready access to a trained and ample labor pool. Additionally, our success depends on the development, maintenance and communication of effective operating and safety procedures. We recognize that safety is a key part of the value proposition that we offer to our customers.

Our Affiliations

Superior Companies | Proud Member of the Service Employees International UnionSuperior Companies | Proud Member of the Laborers' International Union
Superior Companies | Fox Vally Associated General ContractorsSuperior Companies | ASA



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